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Historical Tidbit

  Kichigo Road is on the shoreline of Ashbridge's Bay (or what used to be the shoreline until landfill operations). Historical records confirm that the Kichigo Family of the Mississauga of the Credit were living here when the British settlers arrived. A trail ran along the north shore of Ashbridge's Bay and there were a number of places where historians record this family (and others) camping. There is a nearby archaeological site, the Ashbridge's site, where many thousands of artifacts confirm that this area was home going back some 5,000 years.  We are so glad that the City of Toronto will

In 1796, Augustus Jones listed the Mississauga names, as well as their English meanings, of over thirty rivers and creeks flowing in the lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit.

May 2017 marks the 170th anniversary of our ancestors’ move from the River Credit to New Credit. Rev. Peter Jones, in an article in the January 12, 1848 edition of the Christian Guardian, provides an account of our ancestors’ progress at their new home.