Department of Consultation & Accommodation (DOCA)


4065 Hwy. 6, Hagersville, ON, N0A 1H0

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The Department of Consultation and Accommodation (DOCA), was established to proactively address the Crown’s (Federal and Provincial Governments) “Duty to Consult.” This is in response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision relating to the Crown’s “Duty to Consult” aboriginal communities regarding proposed land development when their treaty and traditional lands are impacted. DOCA is positioned to initiate and respond to projects involving proponents (developers), in land use development within the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation traditional territory.

MCFN-DOCA’s mandate is to engage with governments and private sector proponents on land and resource matters that may impact the interests of our First Nation.  The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation’s traditional territory has been affected by numerous and various developments which impact our traditional territory, way of life, and sustainability of MCFN  While MCFN is not opposed to development, we do want to ensure that environmentally sustainable practices are being implemented in response to any concerns about the land, water, air, species-at-risk, and the health of its people.  MCFN wants to ensure that responsible practices are being implemented to protect the heritage and archaeology of our First Nation.

DOCA is responsible for strengthening recognition of our heritage by increasing public awareness and by being directly involved in all planning and development within MCFN’s traditional territory.  DOCA will assess and help alleviate impacts on our rights, land claims, and ways of life by building relationships, and where possible partnerships, with governments and private sector proponents.  DOCA also works to advance negotiations with major proponents for securing capacity funding for project reviews, Long Term Relationship Agreements to provide annual funding for community initiatives and revenue sharing on major projects.

PLEASE READ:  MCFN Standards & Guidelines for Archaeology