Chief & Council

2023- 2025

Ogimaa-Kwe (Chief) Claire Sault 
Email: claires@mncfn.ca

Councillor Jesse Herkimer, Pillar 1 Lead: Inclusive Prosperity, Economic Growth and Job Creation

Email:  jesseh@mncfn.ca

Councillor Leslie Maracle, Pillar 2 Lead: Nation Well-Being and Wellness
Email: Councillor Leslie Maracle

Councillor Fawn Sault, Pillar 3 Lead: Environment and Sustainability Stewardship for Land, Air, Water and Natural Resources
Tel: 905-869-5805
Email: FawnS@mncfn.ca

Councillor Veronica King-Jamieson, Pillar 4 Lead: Education and Awareness
Tel: (905) 869-5753
Email: VeronicaK@mncfn.ca

Councillor Erma Ferrell, Pillar 5 Lead: Cultural Awareness, Communications and Outreach
Tel:  (905) 869-5760
Email: ErmaF@mncfn.ca 


Pillar 6 Lead: Infrastructure, Community and Membership Development 

Councillor Larry Sault, Pillar 7 Lead: Inclusive Leadership and Governance 
Email:  larrys@mncfn.ca


Interview Requests

Please direct interview requests for Chief and Councillors to Gov.Comm@mncfn.ca

Request a presentation or event welcoming from Chief or Councillor

Please complete the MCFN Request for Event Participation Form.


Please be advised: land acknowledgements should not be “performed” by the First Nation or its members, as it should be presented by the outside organizations as a sign of respect. The First Nation or it’s members would be happy to provide opening remarks at events on our Treaty Lands and Territory following a Land Acknowledgement.