MCFN Event Participation

Requests for MCFN participation


Step-by-step process for inquiries to the Special Events & Culture Unit for Event Participation Form:


There is a minimum of 2 week (preferably more) deadline prior to event, unless an exception can be made at the discretion of the Special events and Culture Unit.

  1. Fill out appropriate form (Event Participation Form) – please include as much information as possible.
  2. Form is reviewed, and initial contact with the event organizer is made via email.   
  3. Once initial contact is made and information is gathered the Special Events and Culture Unit will Consult with an Elder for Opening/Welcoming/Prayer AND/OR Singer & Dancer (whichever is asked) separately to gage availability & confirm attendance.  
  4. Connecting the available aforementioned Elder AND/OR Singer & Dancer to organizer via email.
  5. Organizer continues conversation and confirms Elder, Singers, & Dancers. MCFN does not have the authority to book nor schedule Elders, Singers or Dancers.
  6. Finalized and filed.

Please Note that the process for the Chief & Council Event Participation Form is similar but is addressed by the Council Coordinator Julia Johnson.  


Land Acknowledgements

The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and its presenting members do not & should not provide Land Acknowledgement at openings, as this should be provided by your organization. Land Acknowledgments are done as gesture of respect. If your organization requires guidance on writing or providing such please click on this link for guidance:  https://mncfn.ca/treaty-lands-territory/treaty-lands-and-territory-recognition-statements/

The First Nation or it’s members would be happy to provide opening remarks at events on our Treaty Lands and Territory following a Land Acknowledgement.

Please see links below.

To request Chief and council event participation click here: Chief and Council event Participation form

To Request MCFN participation in an event click here: Request for event participation form

Please note that MCFN representatives do not participate in Canada Day events.


There is a minimum of 2 week (preferably more) deadline prior to an event, unless an exception can be made at the discretion of the Special events and Culture Unit.