Welcome to the MCFN Veterans Tribute Page. Please find the list of past and present veterans here, as well as videos and information on MCFN veterans.

A Chat With MCFN Veteran William “Bill” Tobicoe in 2018 – please view these wonderful videos of Veteran Bill Tobicoe recorded in 2018 before he passed away (click on the “chapter” links to see the videos on YouTube):

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Chapter 5

List of Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Veterans:


WAR OF 1812

Joseph Sawyer
Lawrence Herkimer


Daniel Herkimer
Charles Augustus Jones


Lt. Cameron Daniel Brant
Pte. Maxwell Tobicoe
Corp. Albert W.L. Crain
Pte. Thomas Secord
Pte. Daniel LaForme
Pte. Herbert LaForme
Pte. John Wesley LaForme
Pte. Samuel LaForme
Pte. Oswald Jacob King
Pte. Wilfred King
Pte. Francis W. Crain
Pte. John H. Crain
Pte. David Herkimer
Pte. George Ira Herkimer
Pte. Solomon Spencer
Pte. Alfred Jones Chubb
Pte. George R. Sault
Percival J. Wood
Pte. Wallace Langford Sterling
Pte. Joseph Chubb Jr.
Pte. John A. LaForme
Pte. Morley LaForme
Pte. Elias LaForme
Pte. John King
Pte. George Joseph King
Pte. Percy F. King
Pte. Charles Tobicoe
Pte. Elgin Brant
Pte. Jacob LaForme
Pte. Joseph Sterling
Benjamin Chubb
Peter LaForme Jr.
Melvin McDougall
Alexander LaForme
Arthur Henry
Richard Henry


Maxwell J. King
Arthur H. Crain
Lewis Elliot King
Jacob S. Brant
Leo Smith LaForme
David Jack LaForme
Norman Spencer
Sgt. Lewis M. LaForme
William M.E. Tobicoe
Frederick W. G. King
Robert Osborne Earl King
Norman Henry
Lawrence Albert LaForme
Oliver Wesley LaForme
Robert C. Brant
Pte. George King
James L. LaForme
Norman A. King
Ivan E. LaForme
Wesley Sault
Wilfred R. Crain
Stephen H. Herkimer
Joseph Henry
Pte Hazel Jane King (Hagyard)
Joseph Tobicoe
Charles A. Sault
Earl Wood
Graham King
James Bruce LaForme
Lucy LaForme
Joseph Sault
George L. King


Karl Blake Sault
Gordon M. LaForme
Joseph Sault U.S.



John Sterling


Lorne W. King
Irving Sault
Lamont Sault
Garner Sault
Orval Sault
Sgt. M. Bryan LaForme
Cpl. A. Mark LaForme
Sonny Wayne Watson
Philip Tobicoe
William Rodger LaForme
Frank S. Bonham (LaForme)
Raymond Walter Schuler
Michelle Ann Sault
Albert E. Sault Sr.
Garry Sault
Albert E. Sault Jr. U.S.
Mike T. Sault U.S.
Marvin R. Doney


Brock Marshall Secord
Stephen Ruff-Bonham, Corporal 1, Combat Engineer Regiment, CFB Edmonton.


Names in Bold, Italic are Soldiers that died in the line of duty.