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Sustainable Economic Development

First Nation Conservation Program

If you would like to learn more about the First Nations Conservation Program, please visit the following link:

Programs and Services:

  • Property management
  • Leasing of the commercial plaza, the industrial building, and MNCFN Community Centre (click on the following: community_centre_rental_rates for rates)
  • Administration of the operation of New Credit Variety /Gas Bar convenience store
  • MNCFN infrastructure – Prepare proposals for, and implement the infrastructure required, to support the MNCFN community and economic development plans
  • Business development – Continue exploring potential joint ventures as opportunities present themselves
  • Community services – Advise community members on issues which may impact them through community economic/entrepreneurial development
  • Employment opportunities – Assist in the creation of employment opportunities for New Credit Band members both directly and indirectly (from tenants)
  • MNCFN Business Grants Program (click on the following: mncfn_business_grants for the application form)
  • Business resources
  • Liaise with departments/assist departments with funding proposals
  • Commercial and Industrial development. An area of 59.6 acres has been designated for commercial and industrial development.  The establishment of the 60-acre park came about as a result of many years of planning and development by the First Nation. During this time the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation investigated a number of economic development opportunities which would provide long-term income for the First Nation and employment opportunities for the members of this vibrant and growing First Nation community. Designed to include the feasible developments of:
  • – Light industrial lots
    – Medium to heavy industrial lots
    – Existing retail/office complex
    – Commercial development
    – Road allowance


Main Initiatives:

  • Waterline expansion project
  • Phase III of the MNCFN waterline expansion project which will provide potable water for residences on a portion of Second Line Road and Townline Road
  • Proposed subdivision development
  • Completion of the funding package for infrastructure development on 18 additional lots
  • MNCFN development conference
  • Grand valley water supply project
  • Participate in a partnership model whereby the feasibility of water distribution from the Nanticoke Water Plant to outlying areas is reviewed
  • Leasing of commercial plaza
  • Leasing of industrial building
  • Leasing of Kuiper and Armbruster Properties
  • New business opportunities (click on the following: developmentopportunities for development opportunities)
  • Performing on-going project reviews, including proposed partnerships, joint ventures and investment requests for required approval by Chief and council




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