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Ojibway meaning…”Our Children, our Sacred Gifts” …One of the many sacred gifts “Gizhi Manidoo” the Creator has given to us to be responsible for.

Ekwaamjigenang Children’s Centre (ECC) has a license capacity of 63 childcare spaces for ages 0-6 years. The trained staff provides a culturally based positive learning environment for the children through a variety of weekly planned activities. The centre is inspected annually under the Day Nurseries Act Regulations.


Ekwaamjigenang Children’s Centre follows the principles of Emergent Curriculum. The goal of Emergent Curriculum is to enhance children’s SPICES development (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, and Spiritual growth) based on individual and group strengths/needs.

Ekwaamjigenang Children’s Centre is continually striving to provide the highest quality care to the children of this community.

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