2019 Historical Gathering

2019 Historical Gathering Intro


– Alan Corbiere presentation on Wampum Belts:

Alan Corbiere, Clearing the Sky: Mississauga Wampum


– Bonnie Devine, Circles and Lines: Michi Saagiig

Bonnie Devine Mississauga History Project


– Brent Niganobe: History of the Mississauga (Mishizaghing) First Nation

History of the Mississauga Nation


-About the Harmony Collaboration’s Production FIRST and the song “Muskrat”

Harmony’s FIRST and the song “Muskrat”


-Presentation by Margaret Sault, Director of MCFN Lands, Research and Membership

MCFN Timeline


-Natives in Animosh – the Land of the Dog, Eramosa Township

Natives in Animosh