MCFN Employment and Training provides various programs, made possible through the Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle (ALFDC) and Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS).

We provide employment and training support services that will meet the needs of our community and individuals – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
By providing employment and training services, we will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and having pride in one’s self and community.


Introduction/Welcome applicants

2020/2021 Intake Form


Target Wage Subsidy

To encourage employers to hire employees and to provide on the job, as well as off the job, training that will lead to sustainable employment.

Job Creation Partnership

To provide opportunities for unemployed workers to maintain and develop skills in order to re-enter the labour market.

Direct Course Purchase

To assist clients who require assistance overcoming existing or anticipated labour market barriers by arranging a variety of training courses with qualified trainers.

Employment Assistance Support

To help local community organizations provide employment services to unemployed persons or to provide employment supports to individuals.

Self Employment Assistance

To assist unemployed persons to become self-employed by starting a viable business.

Small Business Support Program

To assist entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs, who require assistance in developing their business skills, to attend relevant workshops, conferences or seminars.

Local Labour Market Partnerships

To encourage communities to take responsibility for their own employment and training-related needs by building on the capabilities and strengths of organizations and relationships that already exist in the community.

Mobility Assistance

To provide some assistance to individuals with a job offer, located away from current residence.

Alter-Abled Initiative

To reduce reliance on income support programs, promote access of the alter-abled to Employment and Training programs. To increase availability of work-related supports, to encourage employers to make appropriate jobs in workplace accommodations, to promote employment and self-employment opportunities for alter-abled Indigenous peoples.

Summer Career Placement

To encourage employers to create career-related summer jobs for students aged 15 to 30.
Summer Student 2019 Information Package

Youth Work Experience

This employment and training measure is designed to benefit aboriginal youth (18 to 30 years old) by providing high-quality work experiences.

Stay in School Initiative

To assist students at the elementary and secondary levels who are at risk of dropping out before completing high school by allowing community stakeholders to develop innovative and effective programs and services.

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