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Ganawenjigejik Niibi Bemaadiziwin (Water Committee)

Council approved the formation of the Ganawenjigejik Niibi Bemaadiziwin Committee (Water Committee) in January of 2016 as a sub-committee of the MNCFN Treaty and Aboriginal Committee (TARC). The Committee has been delegated the responsibility to advise TARC on the stewardly management of water, beds of water, and floodplains within the Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation for the benefit of the MNCFN.

Duties of the Committee include:

1. Advising the TARC as to possible courses of action pertaining to Crown and/or proponent projects submitted to, and assessed by, the Department of Consultation and Accommodation (DOCA) that have the potential to impact water, beds of water and floodplains within the Territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

2. Providing recommendations as to the education of all levels of government and/or proponents as to their responsibility to consult and, if necessary, reach accommodation(s) with the MNCFN on all projects within MNCFN Territory that have the potential to impact water, beds of water and floodplains.

3. Providing recommendations as to the education of the MNCFN membership regarding their right to be consulted by the Crown and/or the proponents of projects within their Territory- especially those projects concerning water, and their right to accommodation(s) when concerns are raised.

4. Seeking out like-minded organizations and individuals to learn of best practices that will enhance and inform the MNCFN’s stewardship and management of the waters within their Territory for the benefit of the First Nation.

5. Developing a water code, reflective of MNCFN values, to which projects must adhere in order to use the waters within MNCFN Territory.

6. Advising the TARC as to strategy relating to the advancement of the MNCFN water claim.


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