Unlike the other departments of Council, Administration does not provide direct program services to the Community. The function of administration is to provide overall direction, monitoring, guidance and support to the departments of council, as well as technical support required by the Council.  Support provided includes:

  • Council minutes/motions/BCRs
  • Letters, briefing notes, analysis, reports, and proposals as required
  • Human Resources – personnel matters including recruitment and records
  • Health Benefits-process new applications and applications for claims
  • Maintain attendance records for Senior staff and quarterly summaries for all staff
  • Process invoices for payment
  • Compilation of  Workplans
  • Monitoring and assisting in the compilation of Status and Financial reports to various funding bodies
  • Provision of monthly financial statements to Council and its departments
  • Year-end activity related to the annual Audit
  • Payroll provided to all staff on a bi-weekly basis
  • Accounts Payable–responsible for all related accounting procedures required for the production of cheques and/or Electronic Transfer payments
  • Accounts Receivable–responsible for the tracking of funds owed to Council via Funding Arrangements, housing loans, water payments, and other fees such as Day Care

MCFN Policies

Financial Management Policy

Provides the rules by which the funds under the authority and responsibility of Chief and Council may be spent.

Tendering Policy & Procedures

Provides the generally accepted practices and principals to be followed when calling tenders for construction and or repair.

Employment Policy

Contains the terms and conditions of employment for staff.

Arrears Policy

Provides the process to be followed when repayment of funds is over 90 days late; the policy also provides for the denial of service (where a fee is required) to those in arrears except for statutory services (eg. Welfare).

Complaints Policy

Complaint process is to be followed by any member of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation with respect to any matter concerning programs/services provided by MCFN.

Events Funding Assistance

Members and non-members may apply for funding assistance for events. Recipients must provide a Financial & Event Report to be eligible for further funding.

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