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Jim Dumont is Onaubinisay (Walks Above the Ground), an Ojibway-Anishinabe of the Waubezhayshee (Marten) Clan. He is a 5th Degree Midewiwin of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge, originally from the Shawanaga First Nation on Eastern Georgian Bay.  “On the Two Road Teaching: “In the beginning, while the races still lived together as one, each of the races had to come to a decision as to what direction he would choose.  During this time the White Man and Red Man found themselves walking together along the same road. At some point in their journey they came to a division in their path. One of the two possible roads before them offered knowledge and growth through accumulation and mounting of all that could be seen ahead (a one-hundredand-
eighty-degree vision). This is what White Man chose and he has developed in this ‘linear’ and accumulative fashion ever since. The other road appeared less attractive materially and quantitatively but offered a whole and comprehensive vision that entailed not only vision before but also vision behind (a three-hundred-and-sixty degree-vision). This was a circular vision that sought to perceive and understand the whole nature of an object or event its physical reality as well as its soul. The Red Man chose this road and he has developed in this circular and holistic way ever since.”
This is open to all that are interested in attending the Teachings.
Lunch will be served.
If you are interested, you must call or email to register for catering purposes. Contact Jai King-Green 905-768-1133, ext. 232 or by email at Jai.king-green@mncfn.ca