The beautification of Townline Estates has come to life. This past fall saw a flurry of activity during construction of the beautification project at the housing complex on New Credit Road, where Dundas-based company Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds worked their magic in creating a beautiful and natural space for kids to play and others to enjoy the scenery. The beautification project involved the installation of a natural outdoor space fit for all ages, made of wood, plants, and recycled materials, along with various spots for rest, relaxation, and cultural initiatives.

The landscaping project is teeming with hundreds of indigenous trees, shrubs and plants along meandering paths that surround a slide, a fire pit and natural outdoor amphitheatre. Bushes have been planted around the perimeter of the outdoor space and a large, upside-down tree greets visitors entering the space from the south.

The benefit of the natural playground is that it helps connect children with nature and allows them to explore their environment. The kids will have a chance to peel back the bark of the trees in the playground and find little creatures during the warmer weather.

Playground designers used hardwood and cedar which insects are inclined to avoid, which helps prevent infestations of pests.

The design will have a minimum lifespan of 10 years and cost about $200,000. About 25 trees and over 700 plants and shrubs were planted.