The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the importance of being prepared for an emergency, especially if you are a young person who helps to provide care for a parent, grandparent or sibling in your household. Because of this, the Young Caregivers Association (YCA) worked with Brock University, Ryerson University, Ontario Tech University and Reframe Health Lab and created a video all about how young caregivers and their families can be prepared for a variety of emergencies. Two resource guides have been provided with the video to support the creation of an Emergency Plan at home.


Additionally, YCA heard from young caregivers about the negative impacts that the pandemic has had on them and on their families. In order to support as many young caregivers as possible, while removing the in-person service barriers, YCA has a new website that can be accessed for support and provide opportunity for young caregivers to connect with others who share their experiences: