The biggest, most celebrated day for positive environmental action World Environment Day was celebrated on 5 June to focus the world’s attention on a pressing environmental issue. The Day strives to raise awareness and encourage action for the environment. It offers an opportunity to reflect on accomplishments and renew our resolve in overcoming the environmental challenges facing the world today. Held annually since 1974, World Environment Day is a vital platform for promoting progress on the environmental dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals. Countries all over the world participate each year in national and international celebrations to champion environmental causes—governments, major corporations, non-governmental organization, local communities, celebrities and citizens across the world adopt the World Environment Day brand in support of the environment. World Environment Day 2020 is hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany and focuses on biodiversity. 
Madeleine McDowell shares stories about the trees in the Humber valley and her collaboration with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.
Madeleine McDowell shared stories in this webinar about the trees in the Humber valley and of her collaboration to protect them and promote awareness of the thousands of years of Indigenous history along the Shared Path.  McDowell has a passion for the Humber River dating back to childhood outings in a cedar strip canoe.
“We are privileged in the Golden Horshoe to live in the remnant of one the of seven Black Oak Savannahs in North America.  In 1996, Gavin Miller and I inventoried 150 aboriginal oak trees along the first four kilmetres of the carrying place and approached the Mississaugas of the Credit to name them.”
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