We had our weekly virtual drumming and singing tonight paying special tribute to the late Karl King. It was an honour to come to know a great humble man who had the greatest impact in our community through all he did at Lloyd S. King Elementary school with my children and grand children and all the childrens lives he had impact on. He never demonstrated judgemental attitude or behaviour. Acceptance and compassion are the major things he taught me and children. For his huge humbleness, he did not see he was a natural ogichidaa (leader). Chimiigwech Karl MK King for creating land based initiatives, mother earth activities, recycling program, creating space for drumming for kids, the twice a year socials at the school, rising stars leadership, chaperoning many trips, and bringing in community people to share knowledge with the children. (Miigwech Karl). I am grateful my family was able to share with Karl the truths of this by honouring him with a migizi (eagle feather) for his love for his people. The future of our people. Chiimiigwech and lots of love Karl as you journey with your ancestors to the spirit world and the migizi

Manitou Mkwa Singers