August 4, 2020


Dear Neighbours:

Haldimand County has been operating and maintaining a gas collection and flaring system at Tom Howe landfill site in order to collect and burn off the gases produced as a result of decomposition of the garbage.  Thegas volumes are now declining to a level where it is necessary to retrofit the flaring system so that the unit will better meet the needs of thedeclining volumes and be able to maintain a steady operation until such time the gas collection is no longer required.  

As part of the retrofitting project, Haldimand County will be required, at times, to temporarily shut down the unit to accommodate the work.  In preparation for this upgrade, Haldimand County has decided to perform acontrolled trial shutdown of the system to determine if any significant on-site or off-site odours are detected. The results of the trial shutdown will aid in determining if any remedial measures will be required during the mechanical retrofits and upgrades.

The shutdown is scheduled to commence Friday, September 11, 2020 for a consecutive eight to ten day period and will be inspected and monitored for any impacts that it may cause. A second trial shutdown would be scheduled in October, if it is determined to be necessary.

If you experience any odours coming from the site during this project oryou have any questions or concerns in regards to the upcoming project, please feel free to call the Waste Management Team at 905-318-5932 ext. 6128.

Thank-you for your cooperation,

Mark Loney

Solid Waste Operations Technologist

Environmental Operations