Aanii, the Mississauga Nation Chiefs approved a funding application to create gardens by learning to save the seeds, understanding the environment (soil), the plant cycle/seasons while out on the land. Rebuilding a strong connection and relationships within and across
Michi Saagiig communities with youths and families though storytelling, 13 moon cycle teachings, grandfather teachings, medicine wheel teachings and our ways of knowing.
They had our first zoom virtual meeting with Elder Peter Schuler, Dr. Andrew Judge and Michi Saagiig members. Watch video to listen to their stories on how they become interested in learning about the medicines and plants; who inspired them; and tips in starting a garden.

Episode 1:
Elder Peter Schuler, Introduction
Gardening:  Medicines and Plants
In this introductory episode Elder Peter Schuler introduces himself and recounts his earlier years learning to garden.

Peter Schuler is a 70-year-old grandfather and Elder of the Mississaugas of the Credit. Peter is a member of the Minweyweygaan Midewin Lodge in Manitoba.

An amateur writer and artist, Peter tries to pass on traditional Ojibwe teachings through storytelling, art and craft making.

Since retirement from construction, work he has taken these stories to elementary and high schools and works to educate the public in an effort to fight racism and to promote understanding of First Nations history and culture.

For the past two years, he has co-taught a course entitled Introduction to Indigenous Environmental Knowledge with Professor Dan McCarthy at the University of Waterloo.

“We need to learn and share our true history and be proud of who we are.” – Elder Peter Schuler