Dear Parents,

I wanted to reach out to you today to acknowledge the immensely difficult work that you have all been doing this school year. Your efforts are nothing short of amazing. The pandemic has brought on multiple layers of stress and anxiety for teachers, caregivers, and children. I wanted to take this opportunity to let parents/caregivers know that if they are struggling with online engagement due to connection issues, stress, life, etc. we are here for support. At LSK we want to encourage all families to continue to engage in online learning when they can, but not at the expense of their mental well-being.

If there is anything, we can do to continue to support you with online learning, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to your teacher, or Principal to discuss an accommodated schedule. Additionally, as a reminder we also offer both Office Hours (within your teacher’s course schedule), and Drop-In Tutoring (Monday-Thursday 6pm-8pm in Brightspace). If in the event you are experiencing an iPad related issue, please fill-out the digital form available in D2L or contact If you are struggling with a D2L related issue, please reach out directly to If applicable, both the School Mental Health Worker and Social and Health Services (905) 768-1181 are available as additional resources for support.

To help us maintain accurate attendance records we still strongly encourage families to contact the school to report excused absences ( (905) 768-3222 or )

With that, there are only 7 weeks left of the 2020-2021 school year. We highly encourage families to continue to engage in online learning while also ensuring that they take care of their own mental health. To continue to enhance our educational experiences for the remainder of the year and also ensure that we make informed decisions for the 2021-2022 school year, we are also inviting all families to complete a final online learning survey “LSK Family Future Planning & Online Learning Feedback (Remainder of the Year)” available within Brightspace.

As mentioned, we immensely appreciate all of your continued effort and commitment with online learning.

Miigwech and stay safe.