How do you strive for wellness? How did you find your path? Share your story with the Indigenous Sports and Wellness Ontario and you could be featured on their social media channels and in our upcoming newsletter, the ISWO Insider as a #WellnessWarrior. Anyone can be a #WellnessWarrior, as long as they Embody the Spirit and strive for wellness and balance for themselves and for others in their communities.
The #WellnessWarrior campaign was launched at the Masters Indigenous Games 2018 (MIG 2018), to celebrate the Indigenous people on Turtle Island who are making a positive difference in their own lives, the lives of others and in their communities by promoting wellness in any form. We’re looking for more amazing individuals to celebrate as wellness warriors – is that you?
Contact Kylie.Thompson@iswo.ca today for more information and to get started!
For more information, please click here:  Opportunities in Sport