What is the Mocc Walk?

The Mocc Walk is a free walking challenge intended to increase awareness about diabetes and support physical activity amongst Indigenous women and their families across Ontario. It encourages everyone to “get active ∙ get fit ∙ have fun”. Whether it is exercising in your living room or walking around the block, participants are encouraged to walk/exercise and record the number of minutes spent walking. Minutes are submitted to ONWA for the chance at winning some cool prizes! 

How long is the Mocc Walk?

Begins: 12:00 am on Friday, May 1st, 2020  

Ends: 11:59 pm on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 

“I registered for the Mocc Walk but I did it late, am I still registered?” 

Yes – There is no registration deadline, you can join and participate starting at any point during the Mocc Walk.

Where is the Mocc Walk?  

All across Ontario – anywhere you can walk or exercise.   

Who can participate?

Residence of Ontario – women, men, youth and children. 

Can I participate as a part of a team?

No, teams will not be permitted this year due to the current government mandate of social distancing for safety due to COVID-19. Participants enter as individuals.

Why should I participate?

  • Get Active ∙ Get Fit ∙ Have Fun  

  • Help raise awareness about Diabetes – a key public health concern for Indigenous people  

  • Chance to win cool prizes  

How do I participate?

  1. Register

  2. Walk/exercise, keep track of how many minutes 

  3. Submit minutes to ONWA every week, using our online form

  4. Watch this page and ONWA social media for weekly challenges – participate for more chances to win prizes 

  5. Submit final tracking to ONWA before July 15, 2020


How do I win prizes?

  1. Participate in Mocc Walk, all participants are entered into draw at the end 

  2. Participate in Weekly Challenges to be entered into weekly draw

  3. Place in the Top 3 in your region in Ontario (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western)  – be sure to track and submit minutes to qualify  

TIP: Need more information, check out the Mocc Walk 2020 Rules & Regulation.