JULY 27 – The shouldering will be completed this afternoon  pending weather. Steed and Evans will have personnel on site around noon to remove safety cones off the shoulder and perform clean up prior to the shouldering contractor arriving.

We ask that all motorists take caution when traveling this section of road for all workers and public safety.

JULY 20 – Steed and Evans have finished the paving of Cayuga Road and have the line painting scheduled tentatively for Wednesday July 21, 2021 pending weather. Temporary reflective yellow tape strips have been placed on the road to divide the traffic in the meantime. The shouldering will commence early next week due to a backlog of jobs with the subcontractor.  We ask that all motorists drive with caution when workers are present and until construction is complete.  Thank you for your cooperation

JULY 14 – The pulverizing and milling of the bridge no. 19 deck has been completed and Steed and Evans are continuing with the fine grading. By the end of the day (July 14, 2021) Steed and Evans will have it shaped and ready for paving with our string line set up.   Paving will begin tomorrow morning (July 15, 2021) at 730am.  We ask all motorists to take caution and be courteous and obey all flag person signals when travelling the area of construction for everyone’s safety

JULY 7 – Due to mobilization issues and equipment availability, Steed and Evans will begin this project on Monday July 12, 2021, sorry for any inconvenience.