In 2013, there was interest from members for a memorial for individuals who wish to be cremated and a place for the remains to be placed within the cemetery.

The Cemetery Committee opened discussions of installing a memorial/crypt for cremated remains at the MNCFN cemetery.

Council passed a motion in November 2015 for the committee to proceed with the research and erection of a 48-niche columbarium. Each niche can hold the remains of one person’s remains.

The Public Works Department would like to acknowledge MNCFN members Bonnie Reynolds, Erma Ferrell, Max King, Craig King and Clynten King for their commitment to this project.

In October 2016, a 48-niche columbarium was erected at the MNCFN First Line Cemetery.

The next step would be the cemetery committee having a meeting to incorporate the columbarium into the First Nation’s cemetery policy.

Please contact the Public Works Department for more information.