Mother’s Day

Is every day, felt in every hug
Every bath, every breakfast, every kiss good night

Every trip to the store, every piece of advice
Every smile of joy and every tear from pain

Today we will say I love you, give you a hug
Maybe buy you a gift

Yet the truth is we have no need of gifts to see you smile
We see your smile in our minds everyday

No need to hear you say I love you
For we hear it with every beat of our hearts

Although we wish it were not so
One day you will leave us
However, the love will always go on

We will hear it in every whisper of the wind
See it, feel it with every rise and fall of the sun
Know it with every memory we made

Today is about thanking you
But I think it is more about reminding us

To appreciate the greatest gift that has been bestowed
The love between a child and a mother

Happy Mother’s Day
Today, tomorrow and forever

R Stacey Laforme

Music by: Manitou Mkwa Singers