It has been several months since the COVID-19 virus changed the way we interact and the way we live our lives. It has been a challenging time for us and the world.
We have been lucky and we have been diligent when it comes to the pandemic. Members and businesses have been great in the protection of the community. Staff has been brave and resilient. It has been a unified effort.
Yes, there have been issues and problems and honestly, there will be more issues, more mistakes as we continue to deal with the second wave of the pandemic.
We have faced tragedy and loss outside the pandemic, beyond what anyone was prepared for. We have lost members, we have cried together, and for each other, and in time we have smiled and laughed together. We have appreciated each other and offered love and support when needed.
We will get through this and move forward, back to our journey, the direction we have set for the future. Our path of self-determination.
Our world may never be the same but the world has always forced us to adapt to overcome and we have, we struggle, but always find our path.
Our ancestors were strong and resilient and I know they watch us with pride as they see us stand and support one another.
I wanted to take a minute and thank you! All of you, the children, the elders, every one of the Mississaugas, and the friends of the Mississaugas.
I know it is rough, I know people are frustrated and tempers are fragile, I am certainly not immune to it. Yet we need to be available for each other, to be patient with each other.
I just want to remind everyone as numbers continue to climb in Ontario, please continue to social distance, wear your masks, stay within your social circles and try to avoid travel that is not essential.
The COVID-19 Working Group continues to meet and to plan, making recommendations to Chief and Council. We will keep you apprised of all changes in regards to Covid.
We have one advantage that the rest of the world, other communities do not have. It does not matter how close their community is or how well they work together. We are family and despite inner turmoil and conflict when family is needed, family is always there.
Chief R. Stacey Laforme