Message from Mississauga Nation Coordinator
Veronica King-Jamieson (289) 440 – 8672

It was an honour to listen to Elders, youth, and Michi Saagiig members across all six (6) Mississauga Nation. These are some of the honest dialogue around the kitchen table.

The Mississauga Nation consists of six communities: Mississaugas of the Credit, Curve Lake, Hiawatha, Alderville, Mississauga, and the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nations. The Mississaugas began meetings in 2014 with the intention of seeking a re-connection as a Nation. One of the top priorities for the Mississauga Nation is to build the collaboration and coordination from each Nation which to demonstrate prominent activities towards a traditional governance process and a united Mississauga Nation. The focus of the collective is to build Mississauga Nationhood by sharing a common vision and working together toward common goals and to speak with a unified voice. As a Nation, we have a shared history and strong family connections; and more are joining together to rejuvenate the past and work towards our future. We will create a Mississauga Nation strategic plan that will be accepted by all six communities, as it is important to engage members with meaningful consultation. As the Mississauga Nation we will continue to move forward to ensure that we provide quality services to our members. The way forward will be noticeable by the high progress transformation in how we share resources, best practices, administration and cultural activities. The potential of partnerships and economical wealth creation will have significant results in our social economies. There will be key takeaways for opportunities in growth and economic strategies and eliminate barriers that are hindering inclusive growth. Overtime, the Mississauga Nation will accelerate development with mutual respect to our members, other governments, and partnerships and the rest of the world. This would reconstitute how we can increase capacity to take on the exercise of rights as a united Mississauga Nation.

The Mississauga Nation Chiefs and Councils have been meeting regularly in order to advance the issues of nation rebuilding. The creation of a Mississauga Nation team began to map every community’s governance practices and lead discussions with the Chiefs and Councils in order to establish priority areas for targeted development. Having made these determinations, the Chiefs and Councils, supported by the team will conduct community consultations (through zoom meetings / telephone / surveys / social media) to explain and build common understandings on the way forward for nation rebuilding. The planned activities in the work plan are intended to support this endeavor. As this work continues it will build a substantive agenda which will be presented to Mississauga Nation communities that will take place later next year.

Looking at the governance structure through three lens
(Community, Nation-to-Nation, Government-to-Government)

The purpose of this is that everyone gains the same understanding of the elements of good governance and the kinds of issues that will need to be identified and addressed. The Mississauga Nation Team will be contacting the Michi Saagiig members on your thoughts.

Michi Saagiig members talked about how important it is for our Mississauga Nation to heal from inside in order for us to get to the bigger picture; economically, politically, socially, and culturally. We must learn from each other and reconcile with ourselves on our healing journey. We need to listen, observe and learn to communicate in a good way with one another within our communities. We must heighten the education awareness of our past and break the cycle of intergenerational trauma. Current Elders, Gimaa (Chiefs), Councillors, leaders, politician and knowledge keepers have stated – “We need to stop asking for permission from the governments to heal our people as it starts with ourselves.”

The Mississauga Nation needs educated leaders who are strong culturally, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically. We need to work together in unity as One Nation.

I give credit to our ancestors who have passed onto to the spirit world, those that give their time and transfer of knowledge on our laws, economics, social, political issues working towards healthier communities to improve in leadership, management and governance.

What I heard…

We need to work together. Our leaders don’t know everything and they need the community’s input to know what our people need. We need to talk about jobs in our community. What training is needed for future jobs? We need to legislate and enforce our own laws as a way to assert our jurisdiction and authority which will bring harmony within our communities. We need input on own language to change the way we govern our communities.

Some questions to ponder …

  1. Who is telling your story about your community? (Government?)
  2. What kind of stories about being told about your community? (Is it positive or negative?)
  3. Do you know what your purpose is within your community?
  4. Do you know your history and identity?
  5. Does your leaders have a strategic plan that offers hope / future for Michi Saagiig members?

“Your voice matters”
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