Mississauga Nation

It is not a means to an end it is our means to the future
It is not about financial growth, it is not about political clout

These things will come as they must
But nationhood is about whom we are, who our children are

It is the recognition that we were and are a nation unto ourselves
Our nation stems from our shared history, culture, language and values

First and foremost we are brothers and sisters, families
No boundaries of land or government tactics have ever stopped me from being your brother

We have been apart for some time, but no more
It is not right to keep our families, our communities apart

So we will walk together, we will rejuvenate our nation
We will take the first step to the past, a past that will ensure our future

Our first step must be one of education, education of our shared history
Our elders can provide this knowledge

We must walk before we run, we must remember and teach
But we must not wait, our people want this, our children need this

All of our internal issues, all our external issues will be resolved in time

Our fights will be many, but we will win, for we must
Nationhood is not a means to an end, it is the path to our people’s future

Chief R. Stacey Laforme