The Mississaugas of the Credit are thrilled to announce the Nation’s first baby born in 2021!

Adele Melba Grace Sault, Bear Clan, is the daughter of Shelby Smoke and Jesse Sault. She was born at Brantford General Hospital on January 1st, 2021 at 2:40am. She weighed 10 pounds, 13 ounces and was 54 cm (21.26 inches) long. Adele’s 3-year-old sister Braylin was so excited to finally meet her.

Adele’s due date was January 2nd and she was assigned a midwife and was to be delivered through the Six Nations Birthing Centre. Mom’s labour started at the Birthing Centre around 6:30pm on New Year’s Eve. Due to the need for medical assistance during the process, we were instructed to go to BGH around 11pm. With the help of the great staff at SNBC and BGH, we were able to welcome Adele as the New Year’s Baby of 2021.

Around 10:30 pm and only 8 inches dilated, we realized that there was a good chance that we may have the New Year’s Baby of 2021. Still, it was in the back of our mind, even as we counted down the New Year with our midwife in the delivery room. When she arrived at 2:40 am, we were made aware that we indeed had the first baby of 2021.

We would like to send a huge thank you and appreciation to the staff at Six Nations Birthing Centre and Brantford General Hospital for their care and handling of Shelby and Adele’s needs before, after and during the birthing process. Also, to our friends and families for their love and support and everybody’s contributions to our Guess Baby Girl’s Arrival board.

Through the trying times of 2020, it was still a year of great things and progress, and 2021 has started the best way possible for us, and thank you for letting us share our gift with you.

Best wishes in 2021 to all,

Jesse, Shelby, Braylin and Adele

Photo credits: Jesse Sault