The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN) watermain expansion is moving into the construction stage.  Avertex Utility Solutions Inc. has been selected as the contractor to undertake the construction. As part of this project, your home will be connected to a watermain over the next few months and we require your consent and cooperation for the following activities:

1) OZA Inspections Ltd. will be performing a condition survey of your property pre and post construction. This is important in the unlikely event that an issue arises during construction. The inspection involves an interior and/or exterior assessment of the work area and home. Photographs and/or videos will be taken as part of the survey. All information collected will be kept strictly confidential. This is a mandatory requirement for a connection to the watermain. To arrange the survey, please call or email OZA Inspections at 1-800-667-8263 extension 231 (Toll Free) or email:
Please indicate your name, address, telephone number and refer to File: 19767. Please advise if the building exterior can be inspected at any time.
2) Avertex Utility Solutions Inc. will contact you at a later stage to schedule the service connection to your home.  The service connection will involve excavation on your property and excavation/plumbing work inside your residence. You will be provided a minimum of one week’s notice prior to the connection date. During the installation, water supply to your home might be interrupted. Bottled water will be provided for potable uses during such time.
3) If you agree to be connected to the watermain, your existing well will be decommissioned in order to prevent any future contamination to the aquifer. Cisterns will only be disconnected in place. This is a mandatory requirement.

This consent for all homeowner’s anticipating connecting to the Watermain along Tuscarora Road, Second Line Road and Cayuga Road MUST BE SIGNED.  You may contact the Public Works office to arrange pick up of the consent form, or you may click link here:  Watermain Expansion Project – Consent to Participate