MCFN Secondary School Buses Health and Safety Protocol During COVID-19


  • PPE to be worn at all times while students are on board
  • Vehicle to be sanitized after each morning and afternoon route (Commonly touched areas – hand rail, tops of seats, etc.)
  • Driver cockpit area to be sanitized before and after each route
  • Drivers are not to handle any student property during pick up or drop off
  • Drivers are not to allow parents on the bus due to social distancing


  • It’s mandatory that all students to wear a mask.
  • Students must bring their own bags and property on the bus without help from the driver.
  • Students must sit in designated seat – NO EXCEPTIONS. A seating plan will be provided to each family.
  • Students requested to have hand sanitizer


  • Please DO NOT send a sick child on the bus
  • Make sure children have required mask – students can be denied ride on the bus without it

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