The MCFN Lands, Membership, and Research department offers the following programs and services:

Lands Program

MCFN has administered the lands program since January 2000. As of 2013, the program was changed to include environment, the functions of which are to process and register land transfers. The department also assists with survey requirements, band allocations, land leases and maintenance of files on Certificates of Possession.


The objective of the Research Program is to research and develop potential claims against the Federal Government. The government has devised a federal policy entitled Outstanding Business that lists criteria to determine if a First Nation has a claim.  To view the claims process, please click here:  Claims Process

Membership Program

MCFN has administered the membership program since November 1990. The program registers events in the Indian Registry System. Events include the registration of marriages, births, deaths, and transfers between bands. Certificates of Indian Status (status cards), and blood quantum letters are also issued by the Lands, Membership and Research Department.

Land Surveys Contact List

To view a contact list of available companies for land surveys, please click on the following document: Land Surveys Contact List

Address: 6 First Line Road, Hagersville, ON, N0A 1H0

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