The Harmony Collaboration is preparing to host the first session of a series of workshops for musicians, stage actors, lyricists and Indigenous dancers. The organization is set to produce a full-length production that is based on the creation story as depicted by the Kiinwi Dabaadjmowin mural. In July of 2017, audiences will enjoy a theatrical display of the mural through the story of a young child being guided by the teachings of his Grandmother.

Joanne Bidini, Founder of the Harmony Collaboration, explains the concept of the project, “Our project as a whole represents an opportunity to learn about and embrace indigenous culture by connecting people through creating and experiencing art and music together.”

Joanne further explained the social impacts that the project hopes to promote, “What’s really obvious to me is that most other cultures that make up the so-called Canadian mosaic share values inherent in the First Nations’ stewardship of the Earth… Working with this in my mind, Harmony is expressing humanity’s similarities and not just our differences.”

MNCFN member and Councillor Cathie Jamieson, has joined the project to aid in recruiting traditional dancers from the community to bring the mural to life. Cathie expressed her pride in representing the community and helping with the project, “My involvement is based on artistic value; I don’t want to lead or change. I want to promote energy throughout our community to be expressive and to take a lead in promoting our culture.”

In addition to the stage production, the Harmony Collaboration also plans to host a travelling exhibition of the charcoal sketches that were the initial concepts of the mural design. These sketches would allow for the teachings of the mural to travel to other communities and would provide an opportunity to learn about Indigenous culture. The travelling exhibition would also promote the initial concept of the Harmony Collaboration – To celebrate in the commonalities that all cultures share.

The Harmony Collaboration debut performance will be held in July of 2017 in Toronto, ON. To learn more about the project, visit