The Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle are promoting their various programs.  Please see their Elder-Practitioner program for the month of July below.

The lineup for the program in July is as follows (see attachment):

July 8/20 – Grandmother Renee

July 10/20 – Lisa Green

July 15/20 – Gail Whitlow

July 17/20 – Jackie Labonte

July 22/20 – Allan Jamieson Sr

July 24/20 – Lisa Green

July 29/20 – Audra Maloney

July 31/20 – tbd

There will be no one available July 1/20 or July 3/20.

The link below is the registration form for the program, if anyone would like to speak with an Elder-Practitioner, please use this link below, fill in the information, and submit.