The Mississaugas of the New Credit Housing Department would like to remind residents the deadline is fast approaching for housing repair and renovation program (HRRS) submissions.

The program aims to improve the quality of people’s  homes and to address all mandatory health, safety, and structural deficiencies inside and outside the home.

The steps of the HRRS program are as follows:

  • Inspections will be set up to inspect people’s home identifying not only the repairs requested, but also to ensure that all health, safety and structural deficiencies are addressed.
  • A specification report will be drawn up and applicants will be required to attend the Housing office to view the specification report or the report will be mailed directly to the applicant.
  • After the review of the specification report, applicants must sign off of the specification report indicating they are in agreement with all listed items.
  • Applicants will then will be required to obtain at least two estimates per item listed on the specification report.
  • Housing staff, based on program criteria, will determine which program applicant qualifies.

Applications submitted after the deadline date will be dealt with based on funding availability.

Discretionary/cosmetic items can only be completed if funds are available and once all mandatory health, safety and structural items have been addressed for all other applicants.

Housing also has assistance available for emergency situations, with regard to heating, plumbing and electrical issues.

If heating/plumbing or electrical issues arise, a service person must be contacted to identify the problem, and once the problem is identified, an inspector is sent to verify the situation.

The Housing Department may deem two estimates are necessary if the estimate submitted appears too high or too low.

Proof of income, proof of land ownership where the house is situated, and proof of home insurance are required at the time of application.

HRRS applications can be picked up at the MNCFN Housing office (Agimaw Gamig building).

Applications must be returned to the Housing office on or before March 29, 2018, no later than 4:30 p.m.

For more information, please call MNCFN Housing at 905-768-1133.