Public Works Essential Services – Shut Down

  1. Garbage / Recycling Collection – Third Party Collection
  2. Winter Control / Snow Removal
    -All MCFN Roads
    -MCFN Buildings (Core Area) for Emergency Services Access
    -MCFN Buildings for Custodial Staff for major cleaning during shut down
    -Rental Units (Townline Estates, Eagle Lane Subdivision & Parking Lots)
    -Truckfill Station
  3. Emergency Calls for security monitoring (alarm calls, building checks, damage to buildings due to weather or vandalism, water & wastewater)
  4. Contractors access for project requirements (as required)
  5. Water
    -Minimum seven (7) weekly tests for water distribution system to check: free chlorine, total turbidity, pH and temperature.
    -Watermain breaks and fire hydrant leaks/repairs
  6. Wastewater
    -Portable generator connection to Lift Stations to address power outages
    -Coordinate E-One system pump outs (if required)
  7. Roads
    -Removal of tree debris due to high winds
    -Address flooding situations
    -Address snow removal for MCFN
    -Three (3) staff currently have DZ License Certification
    -Four (4) staff currently have Chainsaw Certification
    -Four (4) staff currently have Backhoe Certification
  8. Cemeteries
    -Lower flag upon request of family or family representative
    -Coordinate with family for funerals, plot location on map
    -Community Centre access (if required)

Arland LaForme, Director of Public Works
(905) 971-2980

Brandy Vinnai, Public Works Assistant
(519) 410-3253

Robert Hill, Infrastructure Maintenance Worker (Bldgs)
(905) 971-2981

Brandon Hill, Infrastructure Manager
(905) 517-7900

Matthew Sault, Infrastructure Manager Assistant
Leo LaForme, Infrastructure Maintenance Worker (Roads)
Tommy Wythe, Community Centre Caretaker
(519) 732-0390

Trenton Hill, LSK Caretaker Supervisor
(519) 861-7878
Sara Henry, LSK Caretaker

NOTE: Public Works Department issues will follow notification process as follows, Chief Operating Officer » Public Works Director » Notifies applicable staff person to address the issue.