Ekwaamjigenang Children’s Centre COUCH SALE
We are busy getting ready for the return of child care to our new normal and many new changes to the Centre. As an enhanced sanitary measure we have changed our classroom loveseats to new loveseats that are much easier to clean (they are made with hospital grade materials). This leaves Ekwaamjigenang with 5 extra used loveseats, one tub chair, and one ottoman.
These pieces of furniture are being offered to any MCFN member to purchase living on or off the MCFN Territory. We have one loveseat from our office-$75.00, four classroom loveseats-Ektorp from IKEA-$50.00 each, one tub chair for $25.00, one well-loved ottoman for $10.00.
1. You must be a MCFN member, on or off the territory.
2. First Call, First to buy. Wednesday morning July 22 at 7:30 a.m., call 905-768-5036, Elisa will be taking calls.
3. Please do not leave a message on the voicemail.
4. Cash only to be placed in our envelope at time of pick up.
5. Curbside pick-up as soon as possible, we do not have the room to hold onto furniture.
6. If you do not pick up your furniture at your designated time,(without a reasonable phone call) then the next person on the list will be offered the furniture.
7. All the covers on the Ektorp sofas and chair have been washed (not the ottoman, remember well loved)!