Q&A From Community Zoom Questions

What happens if an iPad is damaged?

If an iPad is damaged, please notify the school and return it as soon as possible to the school so that it may be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. While we understand that accidents do occur, please do your best to take care of the iPad. Additionally, to provide you with peace of mind, Apple protection is on all iPads.

Will we be provided with screen protectors?

The iPad cases do not come with screen protectors. Please do you best to take care of the iPad. iPad will come with a case. 

Will iPads come with Apps downloaded? 

Upon setup the iPads will automatically download all of the required educational Apps. In the future, additional Apps based upon their teacher’s preferences will also be pushed out automatically to students’ iPads.

Will attendance be assessed and impact grade?

Attendance will not impact a student’s grade; however, it is important to note that there is a strong correlation between a student’s attendance and their performance in a class. Students are strongly encouraged to attend as much as possible. When not possible, the Zoom meeting may be watched later if it was recorded. Additionally, please inform your child’s teacher of any anticipated absences. If you have any specific questions related to how your child will be assessed or evaluated, please discuss with your child’s teacher.

Do I or my child’s caregiver need to attend a Zoom meeting?

It is encouraged that you attend or help your child in the first few sessions while your child is learning how to interact in a Zoom meeting. The goal is to overtime have all students work toward using their iPads more independently.

What do I do if I have internet connectivity issues?

A survey was conducted in the summer regarding Internet plans and services. Families that indicated they do not have consistent access to the Internet will be provided with data plans. It is important to note that these plans are limited and are to be used for educational purposes only. Please regularly communicate with the school if you experience ongoing Internet issues and we will do our best to provide support.

Will online learning daily schedule be the same as a regular school day?

Online learning will not look the same as a regular school day. Your child will not be required to be on the iPad from 9:00 to 3:15 every day. A typical day will include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities. Please refer to your child’s classroom specific schedule for more information.

Will headphones be provided?

There are a limited number of headphones. Headphones will be provided to students on an as needed basis (i.e Spec Ed, multiple students in one household etc.). Please communicate with the school if you feel your child requires headphones.

Are there going to be opportunities for group work and for students to socialize? 

There are many opportunities for students to interact with each other throughout the day. This may occur in the whole class or small group Zoom sessions. Social time is important and we will work hard to provide students with opportunities to catch up with friends when possible.

I see on my child’s schedule “Open Office” or “Office Hours”. What are they?

This is a time when your child’s teacher is available to respond to any inquiries you may have and provide additional assistance to students

What accommodations are being made for Special Education students?

Students’ individualized education plans are all being given careful consideration. Leveraging Brightspace’s instructional tools, several accommodations and modifications will be provided to students (e.g. separate content areas only visible to specific students).

When will I find out who my child’s teacher is?

This information will be shared when students pick-up their backpacks (Thursday September 17th, Friday September 18th, or by appointment).