Aboriginal communities across Ontario have engaged in the Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) program with the help of the Aboriginal Energy Partnerships Program. With ever-increasing hydro rates, a greater need for energy savings and an increased awareness of the environment, the ACEP has introduced innovative solutions for aboriginal communities to combat these issues.

Through the ACEP, aboriginal communities are funding up to $90,000 to identify and address the unique energy needs of their communities. Through ACEP funding, communities are able to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure energy savings and stewardship of the environment within their communities. Additionally, this program has provided economic and employment opportunities.

MNCFN was one of nine new communities to be approved for this program in November 2015. Following approval, the ACEP program will begin with a comprehensive analysis of what energy needs are required within the community through direct consultation with MNCFN community members.

As ACEP is in its early stages, MNCFN community members are asked to look out for further updates on the project and opportunities for community involvement as the project unfolds.