Cloth masks or face coverings should be changed and cleaned if they become damp or soiled. You can wash your cloth mask by:

  • putting it directly into the washing machine, using a hot cycle, and then dry thoroughly
  • washing it thoroughly by hand if a washing machine is not available, using soap and warm/hot water
    • allow it to dry completely before wearing it again

Non-medical masks that cannot be washed should be disposed of properly in a lined garbage bin, and replaced as soon as they get damp, soiled or crumpled. Do not leave discarded masks in shopping carts or on the ground where other people may come into contact with them.

It is important to remember the following when using non-medical masks and face coverings:

  • masks with an exhalation valve do not protect others (see above)
  • never share your non-medical mask or face covering with someone else
  • do not handle a non-medical mask or face covering belonging to someone else
  • do not allow other people to handle or touch your non-medical mask or face covering

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