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Please direct interview requests for Chief and Councillors to the Media and Communications Department at 905-768-5858 or See media inquiries for more info.

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Chief R. Stacey Laforme

Tel: (905) 768-1133

Councillor Rodger “Bill” LaForme, Pillar 1 Lead: Inclusive Prosperity, Economic Growth and Job Creation

Tel: Home (905) 768-9381 Cell (905) 869-5798

Councillor Evan Sault, Pillar 2 Lead: Nation Well-Being and Wellness

Tel: (905) 869-5767


Councillor Cathie Jamieson, Pillar 3 Lead: Environment and Sustainability Stewardship for Land, Air, Water and Natural Resources

Tel: (905) 869-5761

Councillor Veronica King-Jamieson, Pillar 4 Lead: Education and Awareness

Alternate to Chief (Regular Council), Alternate to Chief (Special Council)
Tel: (905) 869-5753

Councillor Erma Ferrell, Pillar 5 Lead: Cultural Awareness, Communications and Outreach

Tel:  (905) 869-5760


Councillor Craig King, Pillar 6 Lead: Infrastructure, Community and Membership Development

Tel:  905-869-5805

Councillor Julie Laforme, Pillar 7 Lead: Inclusive Leadership and Governance

Tel:  905-869-5793


Please click on the following link for a list of committees, members, and meeting dates and times: Committee Listing for 2017-2019

Seven Pillars