Due to recent roadway safety concerns, all band members are asked to adhere to By-law No. 1998-01 – A bylaw Respecting the Care and Control of Animals on Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

In particular, General Prohibitions states:

5.(1) Subject to Subsection 5(2), every owner of a dog shall keep the dog safely tethered or penned up at all times;  all other animals must be contained on owner’s property by a fence or other confining mechanism.

5.(2) A dog need NOT be tethered or penned up as provided in Subsection 5(1) if the dog is held on a leash by a person capable of restraining the dog’s movements; is being used for the purpose of hunting; is being used by a person to work in a lawful manner with livestock; or is used by a visually impaired person as a guide dog.

To read the entire By-law, please click here:  By-law No. 1998-01