MNCFN Housing does a lot of work helping people not only obtain mortgages for their homes, but with repairs and renovations, too. Each year a portion of the funding for renovations and repairs comes from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).MNCFN Housing Director Lorraine LaForme acts as the agent for CMHC – program delivery. “Under CMHC, we have what’s called RRAP (Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program).” The funding has increased substantially for this year but will revert to the basic amount the following year. The program is intended to renovate homes to extend their lifespans by 15 years. MNCFN members are approved based on CMHC funding availability. CMHC programs are forgiveable programs. One must be a MNCFN member and meet the criteria for a low income household to be eligible for a RRAP loan.

CMHC, through housing, also offers the HASI program (Home Adaptation for Seniors’ Independence). It helps low-income seniors live longer in their homes by making modifications and installing things such as ramps and grab bars. That grant is about $3,500 and is also forgivable, meaning people don’t have to pay it back.

The third program CMHC offers through MNCFN housing is the Emergency Repair Program (ERP). The newly offered ERP program is for homes that are in serious need of repair regarding roofs, shingles, broken windows, etc. That program offers as much funding as needed to fix the emergency issue based on CMHC criteria. Applications can be processed throughout the year.

If you have any questions about MNCFN Housing programs, please contact the department at 905-768-1133 ext. 235.