Dear Chief, Councillors, Administrative Staff, and Mr.Laforme;

This email is to inform you of our upcoming Leak Survey conducted annually by a company by the name of G-Tel.  Each year they cover 1/3 of the reserve.  This year will be the most Eastern side from Onondaga Road to the railroad tracks near Hwy 6/from River Range to Townline, which includes Mississaugas of the Credit.

G-Tel will be on the reserve from December 7-11, 2020


Each year, G-Tel uses special equipment to detect any leaks that may be along the buried pipelines from the Gas Main at the road, to the Gas Meter (attached to customers homes/buildings/meter pads).  This will be an exterior process only, therefore, customers should not expect any knocks on their door etc.

Tracy Skye – General Manager SNNG