On Thurs., Sept. 24, MCFN Chief and Council hosted a Caring Together event at the Lloyd S. King parking lot. It was also to play host to a parking lot car bingo, however with COVID-19 cases on the rise in Ontario, that portion of the event was cancelled.

Members were provided a delicious chicken and rib take out dinner catered by Strodes and served by MCFN Council.

With the cancellation of the parking lot car bingo, Council held ten draws for Walmart gift cards valued at $50 for all those who registered for the event. Ten names were pulled from a hat and the winners are as follows:

  1. Al Sault
  2. Kerri L. King
  3. Ashley Sault
  4. Helen King McCarthy
  5. Carol Tobicoe
  6. Val King
  7. Jolene King
  8. Clyde King
  9. Marie Sault
  10. Errol King

Congratulations to the above winners.

Councillors Veronica King-Jamieson, Julie LaForme, Evan Sault, Craig King and Cathie Jamieson.

MCFN Chief and Council would like to thank all those who participated, Strodes Meats, and those who helped with organizing this events. We hope you enjoyed your dinner!

One day Caring Together Event held Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

Here are your winners !

  • Social & Health: Jocelyn Styres, Native Blanket and Mugg, Debbie Vallee – Native Blanket and Mugg
  • Cultural: Ellen Cody – CNE Gift Bag
  • Admin: Lacey Jacobs – Air Fryer
  • LMR: Clyde King – Grocery Gift Card
  • Education: Deanna Secord – Grocery Gift Card
  • Grand Prize: Tanya LaForme – $300.00 Gift Card

Congratulations to all the Winners. Was a fun and exciting evening. Thanks to all the participants who drove around to pick up goodies from every station. Thanks to all the departments who participated in the fun evening. Thanks everyone!

MCFN Education and Land, Membership and Research staff distributing goodie bags for MCFN Members during the one day Caring Together event held Sept. 23, 2020

MCFN Chief and Council would like to remind everyone to continue to practice safety measures and precautions during this time and to limit your travel to essential services.