After school Questionnaire for Parents/Guardians

In the past, the Community Support Unit would take the first 30 children who registered for the after school program (first come first served). The response we received from this process was not positive, so we decided on doing a draw (kids’ names are put into a bowl and someone other than community support would draw out 30 children’s names) when we are over the limit of 30 registered children.  This too, has not received positive feedback.  Therefore, we are asking you, the parents/guardians for input into how we make the decision regarding which children are accepted into the After School Program. Please note, that we are unable to accept more than 30 children into the program. Due to supervision and safety, availability of space, vehicle space, and appropriate staffing, we must maintain a 30 child cap on the program. Additionally, as this program is prevention based, we are unable to favour working parents over stay at home parents in terms of priority. (that is, children with both working and stay at home parents are considered to be at risk of family violence and child protection concerns).

Questionnaire in word

Questionnaire in PDF