With extensive renovations completed in October at the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Agimaw Gamig administration building and community centre boardroom, “we’re addressing the interim needs as stipulated within the Organizational Review,” says Public Works Director Arland LaForme.

Updated furniture, lighting and additional office space are the prominent features of the renovations, which also includes new Wi-Fi access points for offices and the boardroom. The Agimaw Gamig and Community Centre Boardroom renovations will both have wireless hook ups for presentations on the flat screen monitors for easy viewing.

These renovations will no doubt address the need for more office space and better utilize the existing space.
Perhaps the biggest change community members will notice is the reconfiguration of the reception area upon entering the Agimaw Gamig administration building.
The reception area is bigger and has moved from the right-hand side of the entrance to the centre of the front entrance which will allow both the reception-

ist and visitors to make eye contact and communicate better directly upon entering the building.

The old reception area has been closed off and will be utilized as a new relocated printing room. The mail room has been relocated to address controlled access needs and ensure confidentiality is maintained. A former kitchenette on the lower level has now been turned into a janitor’s closet.

New drainage lines were installed in the women’s bathroom to accommodate a new kitchenette within the new lower-level council chambers.

The spruced-up council chambers in the lower level of the Agimaw Gamig building is now located where the Sustainable Economic Development Department used to be located. There will be a kitchenette in the council chambers and power hook-ups are now much more efficient and safe, with electronic outlets underneath the boardroom table, which now seats 18 people.

The addition of a power hook-up underneath the table eliminates tripping hazards, says LaForme. Similar presentation needs will be incorporated into the new Council Chambers with wireless hook ups and a flat screen installed for easy viewing.

The former council chamber was re-designated for use as two relocated offices for the Sustainable Economic Development Director and the Sustainable Economic Development Assistant and four new offices for existing department use.

The community centre caretaker rearranged the existing table and chairs in the community centre boardroom, which included the removal of a demising wall between the existing coatroom and boardroom.

“Nobody used the coatroom before,” said the Public Works Director. A portable coat rack is still available for visitors to hang up coats.

The boardroom now features an 18-person table in the centre of the room, with wires hidden underneath, again, to avoid tripping hazards. Cords will no longer be running across the room into power outlets in the walls.

Conference lighting was installed, with the capability of being dimmed, with new LED lights, which save on power. The new community centre boardroom is “bigger” and “more versatile” and will be better utilized as meeting space in the future, said LaForme.