Prior to European contact, the ancestors of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation occupied the lands north of Lake Superior and the area around Georgian Bay.  The Mississaugas lived lightly on the lands they occupied and purposefully moved about the landscape harvesting resources as they became available.
Mississauga Territory
The ancestors of the Mississaugas of the Credit migrated into Southern Ontario by means of military conquest.  After the Iroquois had expelled the Huron from Southern Ontario in 1649-50, they continued their attacks northward into the territories occupied by the Mississaugas and their allies.  By the end of the 17th century, the Mississaugas and their allies had succeeded in driving the Iroquois back into their homelands south of Lake Ontario.  At the conclusion of the conflict, many Mississaugas settled at the eastern end of Lake Ontario; other Mississaugas settled at the western end of the lake with their primary location at the mouth of the Credit River.
The Mississaugas of the Credit occupied, controlled and exercised stewardship over approximately 3.9 million acres of lands, waters, and resources in Southern Ontario.   Their territory extended from the Rouge River Valley westward across to the headwaters of the Thames River, down to Long Point on Lake Erie and then followed the shoreline of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, and Lake Ontario until arriving back  at the Rouge River Valley.
From the time of the conquest of New France in 1760, the British Crown recognized the inherent rights of First Nations and their ownership of the lands they occupied.  The Royal Proclamation of 1763 confirmed First Nations’ sovereignty over their lands and prevented anyone, other than the Crown, from purchasing that land.  The Crown, needing First Nations’ land for military purposes or for settlement, would first have to purchase it from its indigenous occupants.

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Chief Stacey Laforme has recorded two audio commercials for ELMNT FM Radio 106.5 in Toronto.  He delivers two important messages in these commercials, one welcoming listeners to MCFN treaty and traditional territory, as well as [...]

Community Safety Statement

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Ajetance Treaty, No. 19 (1818)

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The Ajetance Purchase (Treaty 19) was signed with the Mississaugas of the Credit in 1818 and includes Brampton and Milton.

Head of the Lake, Treaty No. 14 (1806)

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A day after the Toronto Purchase agreement was reached in 1805, the Mississaugas of the Credit were asked to sell lands immediately west of the lands they had ceded the day before. A provisional [...]

The Toronto Purchase Treaty No. 13 (1805)

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The Crown, in the 1780s, recognized the need to secure communication and supply lines to their western outposts and to unite the settlements along Lake Ontario from Kingston to Niagara. In order to meet [...]